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The Andaman Lakshadweep Harbour Works (ALHW) was set up by the Ministry of Surface transport in October 1965 and entrusted with the responsibility of formulating and implementing the programmes of the Government for providing Ports and Harbour structures including allied facilities in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands an Lakshadweep. A well-knit and coordinated  Port/ Shipping system plays an important role in the sustained growth of the Islands. The need for Ports became more pronounced in these Islands in view of the accelerated development programs proposed by the Government during the sixties .The infrastructure, therefore, had to be fully planned properly and in advance. The history of Port development in these Islands dates back as early as 1956 when experts have laid the foundation for development of Port facilities by the  Andaman Lakshadweep Harbour works in later dates.

The ALHW has been implementing Port Development schemes from the Third Five Year Plan onwards. All the works taken up under these plans have been completed in time and being maintained and operated successfully. Reviewing the Port Development Schemes implemented in A & N Islands so far, this department has created artificial harbours at Hut Bay of Little Andaman, Campbell Bay of Great Nicobar and Rangat Bay of Middle Andaman by construction of Rubble Mound  breakwater with jetties and allied facilities. Further, in the other natural harbours of the Islands, a number of  inter-island jetties and innumerable ferry jetties have also been completed in addition to the New Dry Dock / Slip way Complex at Port Blair for repairs of Inter Island ships In respect of Lakshadweep, jetties have been constructed in all the 10 in habitat islands and the approach channels dredging and navigational aids provided. A sheltered harbour basin was created at And roth island with a Breakwater and wharf for berthing passenger ships and cargo barges having upto 4m draughts.

The ALHW since 1965 has constructed various harbour facilities in the major islands as per the requirements in a phase the manner after conducting detailed hydrographic surveys at site, model studies & experiments at Central Water and Power Research Station, Pune and other consultants such as Indian Institute of Technology, National Institute of Ocean Technology, Chennai, NEERI Nagpur, NIO Goa etc.

Apart from construction of port and harbour facilities, the ALHW is attending to the maintenance of the harbour facilities and also the operation and maintenance of Cargo Handling Equipments, Ship Repair facilities etc. The ALHW executed these major projects in the islands for which the funds were provided directly by the Ministry of Shipping under Central Sector Plan. The Andaman & Nicobar Administration have also provided the required funds under the State Sector plans for improvements to the harbour facilities, for creation of minor port development schemes, and also for the maintenance of the Port facilities and operation of Cargo handling equipments etc.

The ALHW takes special care in protecting the ecology of this sensitive A&N Islands during planning, execution and maintenance of the harbour facilities. The required Environmental Management Plans are prepared in consultation with expert organisations in the field and the clearance of the Ministry of Environment & Forests are obtained for all the Projects.


Last Update : 30-Sep-2016