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The government of Maldives sought India's assistance for design and construction of Breakwater of 2500 mts length on western side of Hulhumale in order to provide safe Harbour for small ships and ferry boats as well as to protect the whole land mass from erosion during south -west monsoon . This request was received in the Ministry of Shipping through the Ministry of External Affairs who had suggested that an Indian expert Team visit Maldives to study the proposal. Since ALHW has expertise in construction work in this type of geographical islands, a 3 member Indian team comprising Director (PD), CE & A (ALHW) and Joint Director ,CWPRS, Pune under Ministry of Water resources were deputed and study visit was conducted from 24th to 28th May 2003 . The final report of the study undertaken has been submitted to the Ministry of Shipping on the basis of which further course of action will be decided by the Ministry of Shipping in consultation with Ministry of External Affairs.


Ministry of External Affairs had also sought ALHW expertise for obtaining and providing construction material for the jetties in the Maldives under their Grand -in -Aid Programme for Rs. 73.00 Lakhs. The work taken up and the materials have been shipped to Maldives through Indian Embassy at male and handed over to the Male authorities.


Based on the specific request made by the Government of Maldives to the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, a Study Team comprising four Officers from Ministry of Shipping and Central Water & Power Research Station, Pune were deputed to provide technical aid in designing a pontoon jetty model appropriate for Maldivian type island environment. Maldivian Government sought financial aid Also in providing materials required for construction of these pontoon jetties for 35 (thirty five) islands

The Study Team during its stay from 4th September, 2005 to 9th September, 2005 had elaborate discussions with various Ministries of Government of Maldives viz. Ministry of Environment and Construction, Ministry of Environment Energy and Water, Ministry of Transport and Communication and Ministry of Atolls. The team also has close interaction with Dr. Ahmet Cevdet Yalciner, Civil engineer in Ocean Engineering Research Centre, Turkey. The entire tour was carried out with the help of Officers from Ministry of Planning and Construction, Government of Maldives. 

The team visited six islands (Dhiggaru, Maduvvari, Raimandhoo, Mulah, Muli (Atoll Capital), Naalaafushi) identified by Ministry of Planning and Constructions to assess the ground reality and during the visits, a close interaction was made with the Chief of each islands and Atoll Chief at Muli in Mulaku Atoll (Meemu). 

During the discussions with the Chief of the various islands, it was observed that they required basically a full fledge harbour to cater to 3.00 m. draft vessels. This includes construction of protection works such as breakwater, dredging of navigational channel and reclamation for the backup area. However, in few of the islands where there are no landing facilities, the local community desired basic landing facilities for smaller draft vessels drawing up to 1.0 to 1.5m called “Dhoanis”.

Based on the limited availability of quality prototype data in respect of tides, waves, currents wind etc, a report was submitted to Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India containing cost estimate & design.

The Study Team during the course of its visit also advised remedial measures to mitigate the shore erosion problems in the Islands caused due to the significant movement of sediments particularly after recent Tsunami occurred at various islands.

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