Film Shooting in Andaman

About the Portal

This portal has been developed to provide services to the film producers (Indian and Foreign) who are interested in making films (feature, documentary, etc)

This portal provides following services :
  • Producer can apply online for film shooting in the designated locations in Andamana And Nicobar Islands
  • The Nodal department (DoIP) will process the application and forward to concerned offices in A & N to provide No Objection Certificate (NOC) online
  • The offices will process the forwarded application and issue NOC through the portal
  • Nodal department will moniter the processes and issue the "e-Permit" for film shooting
  • The producer can download the "e-Permit" directly from the portal and plan for shooting

The Cellular Jail is a national memorial and was built for solitary confinement of prisoners. Many eminent freedom fighters were kept here.

Latest Films Shot in Andaman

Scene from "Velicha Poove" SONG from movie Ethir Neechal shot in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

  1. To promote A & N Islands as a film shooting destination in the National & International market.
  2. To introduce Single Window System of granting permission to the film producers for shooting films in these Islands and provide them consolidated information on instructions/guidelines issued by various Departments of Andaman & Nicobar Administration and Ministries. The Directorate of Information & Publicity, Andaman & Nicobar Administration would act as Nodal Department for granting Permission for shooting of film in these Islands to the film producers/film makers by seeking required permissions from concerned department/agencies and after getting No Objection Certificates for these departments.
  3. To make sure film shooting is done only in permissible areas in order to protect the fragile eco systems and security of the islands.
  4. To make sure that the film shooting does not hurt the sentiments of the people of A & N Islands
  5. To enhance the infrastructure required for promotion of Film Shooting.
  6. To improve availability of skilled manpower required for facilitation of Film shooting in the Islands by training local artist and creating infrastructures required for the purpose.
  1. NOC from Forest department :
    • For shooting in the Reserved forest areas, Protected Forest Areas, Biosphere Reserve and premises of Forest Department (Form No. 4 (A) as provided in wildlife Protection Act 1972 to be filled along with the application
    • For underwater filming
  2. NOC from Tribal Department : To shoot film in the Tribal areas or about any subject related to tribal population or involving a tribal in any form directly or indirectly.
  3. NOC from Police Department : For verification of crew members if required and maintenance of Law and order.
  4. NOC from Shipping Department : For shooting on ships.
  5. NOC from Port Management Board : For shooting in Port Limit and Jetties under their control.
  6. NOC from Transport Department : For shooting on Buses of STS.
  7. NOC from District Collector :
    • For shooting to be done on roads, markets and settlements
    • For shooting in Tribal Areas
  8. NOC from Andaman Nicobar Command : For shooting in Defense establishments.
  9. NOC from Art & Culture : For screening the script and shooting in places of historical importance.
  10. NOC for using premises of a Govt. Department/PSU/Corporation : For using premises of any Govt. department, NOC of department concerned will be required.
  11. Any other NOC if deemed necessary by the Nodal department.
  1. To follow all instructions mentioned in the undertaking submitted with application form and the NOCs issued by the departments.
  2. To provide all information required by department as per NOC.
  3. The filmmaker and his crew members connected with the shooting shall carry their valid identity card.
  4. No animal should be harmed in any way during the shooting.
  5. A & N Islands has been declared as Restricted Area and Foreign Nationals can visit the places which are open for foreign tourist for a period of maximum 30+15 days after obtaining Restricted Area Permit (RAP) from immigration Officer as per MHA order No. G.No. 15011/4/94-F.I dated 7-1-1997 and A & N Admn. Order No. 1956 dated 7-6-2004. The foreigners/foreign film makers seeking permission for shooting film in these islands should obtain proper visa and follow the stipulation made in the Restricted Area Permit (RAP).
  6. The shooting in the Tourist locations or even otherwise should be done in such a manner that the activity creates minimum discomfort to the visitors and the natives.
  7. To shoot the film only in the presence of a Liaison Officer wherever attached to the team by any department of the Andaman & Nicobar Administration. In the event of any disagreement arising between the team and the Liaison officer in this respect, the matter will be immediately referred to the Andaman & Nicobar Administration whose decision will be final.
  1. Four copies of scripts and four copies of synopsis of the script
  2. If any animal is to be used during shooting or is affected directly or indirectly during the shooting, NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE of Animal Welfare Board of India.
  3. In case any living personality is portrayed in the film as a character, the filmmaker must share the script with that personality or his/her legal heirs, before beginning the filming and obtain a No Objection Certificate for submission along with application form.
  4. The permission for shooting granted by Min. of External Affairs, GOI/Min. of Information Broadcasting, GOI (Foreign Producers only).
  5. Registration Certificate of Production House.
  6. Photos and ID cards of all Team Members including producer.


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