Procedure to get  new Identity Cards for Fishermen of A & N Islands

The Directorate of Fisheries, A & N Admin issues “Unique Computerized Identity Cards (ID Cards)” to all eligible Fishermen engaged in Fishing activities in the UT. The ID cards are issued in each District of A & N Islands by respective Zonal office of Directorate.

1.     What is the procedure get New ID card for Fishermen ?

The Procedure has two Stages of (a) Registration and (b) Licensing as below :

(a) Registration :

·        The Boat owner has to first “Register his Fishing Vessel” with  the Directorate, as a one time activity.

·        The owner has to submit the “Application Form” to Directorate who will complete Vessel registration in “RealCraft”, national online portal developed and maintained by NIC. The RealCraft portal is the single repository of  all  Registered Fishing Vessels in the country.

·        After successful registration, the Directorate will generate “Registration Certificate” from the portal and hand over to Boat owner. For details of Registering of Fishing vessels, please visit “”.


(b) License for Vessel and ID cards for Fishermen :

·        The Boat owner has to get License from concerned Zonal office of Directorate, for his registered Fishing Vessel every year, starting from 1st April to 31st Mar of succeeding year. The Boat owner has to submit Application form for new / Renewal of License in prescribed format to Zonal Office by 31st of March of every year.

·        While applying for License for Fishing vessel, Boat owner has to fill Application form with details of Crew and Fishermen employed by him for the vessel.

·        The owner should also enclose supporting documents for Vessel and Fishermen along with Application form.

·        The owner should make required payment to Zonal office as per prescribed rates for (i) License and (ii) ID cards together and enclose the “Receipt” with the application form.

·        The Zonal office will verify details in Application form, supporting documents and Receipt and issue “Unique Computerized Identity Cards (ID Cards)” for all Crew and Fishermen mentioned in application form.

·        The ID card is issued in Laminated format to the boat owner / fishermen.

·        The above procedure as to be repeated every year by Boat owner to get new / renewal of License for Vessel and ID cards for Fishermen.


2.     Which office should Boat owner Approach to get ID cards ?

The Boat owner has to submit Application Form for Renewal of License and ID cards for registered Fishing Vessel in Physical form to concerned zonal office of  Directorate of Fisheries in A & N Islands.


3.     Format of Physical Application Form to get ID cards .

Click Here to Download Blank Application Form for New / Renewal of ID cards.


4.     Check list of  Supporting Documents required to be submitted with the Application by the Boat owner to get ID cards.

Click Here to get “List of Supporting documents for ID cards”.


5.     User Charges for getting new / renewal of ID cards ?

The owner should make required payment to Zonal office as per prescribed rates for (i) License and (ii) ID cards as below, before the due date every year ie 31st of March, as consolidated payment :

(i)                License Fee for Non Motorized Vessel : Rs 25/=.

(ii)             License Fee for Motorized Vessel : Rs 100/=

(iii)           ID card fee for each Crew / Fishermen employed in Vessel : Rs 10/=.


The penalty of  Rs 10/= per month will be levied by Directorate beyond the due for renewal of ID cards for the year ie 31st of March.


6.     What are the Timelines of  Directorate for  renewal of  ID cards?

As per procedure, the Boat owner should submit the Application form for renewal in February month every year. The Zonal office will issue the renewed ID cards on or before  31st of March of the year.


7.     Validity period of  ID Cards .

The ID cards  for Fishermen issued by Directorate  is valid for a period of 1 year from  1st April of the year to 31st March of succeeding year. So the ID cards have to be renewed by boat owner every year.  .


8.     Format of  ID cards.

Click Here for format of  Fishermen ID Card issued by Directorate”.


9.      Who is the Authority authorized to Issue ID Cards ?

The concerned Zonal Office of the Directorate of Fisheries issues the New ID cards to Fishermen every year .