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  • This online portal is a gateway for the e-Government services offered by Andaman & Nicobar Administration.
  • This portal is a single source of information to Govt. bodies as well as the common citizen.
  • The services can be availed by different stakeholders including Government departments(G2G),Governments employees(G2E), Citizens(G2C) and Business entities(G2B)
  • Also, citizens can search services department wise.
  • In addition to linking websites of E-Services, this portal does provides various useful information for citizens such as Forms downloads , Shipping schedule, Daily Telegram's website and other such useful information.
  • More such services will be added in the days ahead.


The contents and data are owned by the departments of Andaman & Nicobar Administration. For any queries or updations, please contact the respective department.

Welcome to Online Portal of Andaman & Nicobar Administration
Service Category Abbreviations
G2G-Government to Government, G2B-Government to Business, G2C-Government to Citizen, G2E-Government to Employees

Service Category

Note: Please click on the Service name to avail the service

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