About Us

The Department of Information & Publicity is the Nodal Department for wide dissemination of information and the growth of "Independent and responsible Media" in the Islands. The dissemination of information is carried out through print and electronic media whereas the Publicity is being carried out on various subjects as well as events and Govt. of India's Welfare Schemes.

This Department has three main wings to discharge their day to day routine works viz. the Govt. Press, The Administrative Wing and the Film and Photo Unit.


  1. The Govt. Press at Port Blair was established under the regime of British Government.
  2. The Press has printed various official documents, Gazettes and other information materials.
  3. "The Daily Telegrams" is one of the oldest English dailies continued since the British Era.
  4. The exact date of commencement of the Press is not known, but in the book titled "Andaman - Indian bastile" the author Shri. B.K.Sinha has published the photograph of the Press Telegram carrying the dateline of 1935.
  5. As on today, the Press is equipped with modern machinery and prints the newspaper in two languages viz. English & Hindi.
  6. The English newspaper namely "The Daily Telegrams" is the largest circulated daily in the entire A&N Islands with its circulation of around 18,000 copies per day.
  7. The Hindi newspaper namely "Dweep Samachar" is the second largest circulated daily in the entire A&N Islands with its circulation of around 2500 copies per day.
  8. The Govt. Press not only prints the newspapers, but also prints Gazettes, various Office stationeries like file covers, boards, forms, tickets, measurement books and other day to day forms that are being used in various Govt. Officers.
  9. The Govt. Press act as Nodal Agency for printing of various printing materials of A & N Administration.


  1. This is one of the Key Units of IP Division of Directorate of Information Publicity & Tourism responsible for dissemination of information
  2. The film unit screens the award winning feature films and documentaries in various villages.
  3. The IP Division conducts Media Tour in which the Media Personnel of these Islands are being taken to mainland to familiarize with the latest inputs and techniques involved in Media and printing sector.
  4. Regular Film festivals are being conducted and award winning films are being screened in A&N Islands.
  5. Bharat Darshan Tour is being conducted and the Tribal people as well as women social workers are taken to mainland to acquaint themselves with the tradition culture and developments of the mainland India.
  6. Initiatives are in full swing to highlights these Islands as popular film shooting destination by making a single window system for clearances of Film shooting.
  7. The Photo Unit of this Division covers all the photo and video coverage of important events like VIP, VVIPs Parliamentary Committee visit, International, National and State Dignitaries visit to these Islands and other State functions and day to day official functions are being covered.


  1. The I.P division conducts the Press conferences.
  2. Enrolment of local newspapers for release of Govt. Advertisement.
  3. Preparation, Maintenance and Updating of roaster of local media.
  4. Keeping surveillance on newspapers about the publishing of objectionable content which disrupts peace, harmony and unity of the Islands/Nation.
  5. Framing of advertisement rules, cable TV rules, its amendments, updations etc.