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Description of Major Activities of the Directorate
  • Basic Statistics : This is a prime statistical product of the Directorate and is a compendium of information on all sectors under one platform. Data collection from all departments and agencies annually for this publication.

  • Island-wise Statistics : Island-wise data of 31 Islands (inhabited as per Census2011) is compiled to have a quick view of Island-wise Statistical out line. Data is collected from all departments.

  • District Statistics : The district wise data is collected from all the departments and compiled in form of a District Statistical Hand Book for each district. From 2011 onwards data of all three districts is included in Basic Statisticsd        .

  • District at a Glance : District wise data of major departments are compiled in this publication.

  • Land Use Statistics(LUS) : Agriculture Statistics commonly known as Land Use Statistics is collected from the tehsils in prescribed formats of Ministry of Agriculture        from all three Districts for onward submission to Ministry.

  • At a Glance-Brochure : A Brochure is brought out annually incorporating major data of all sectors to have a crisp view of this UT.        

  • Meteorological Statistics : Data on weather is collected monthly from Indian Meteorological Department and compiled in the directorate and published on website        monthly.

  • State Domestic Product : Estimation of State Domestic Product is done after collecting data from various departments.

  •       Census of Govt. Employees, Market prices, farm harvest prices, Agriculture yield, Prices of Building materials, Economic Survey are some of Statistics which       are collected
          Besides above the directorate is also engaged in Surveys as and when Government directs.
  • Price Statistics : Directorate collects market prices of a set of food and non-food items in the prescribed format of Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare and timely submission to the Ministry. Annual Data is uploaded in the website.       .

  • Village-wise Database : To develop a village-wise database for UT, a format was designed and given to RD department for data collection through Panchayat Secretaries.        This can be used by all the departments, LSGs for governance, planning etc. and probable use in GIS mapping.

  • Agriculture Census : 11th Agriculture Census (Nationwide Quinquennial Census) launched in 2021-22. Phase -I of data collection is in progress.       .

  • Economic Census : A countrywide survey is taken up for organized & unorganized enterprises/establishment. 7th Economic Census was launched in A&N Islands in 2020. Field work is being carried out by CSC - Governance Services India Limited, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY).