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Description of Major Activities of the Directorate
  • Basic Statistics : This is a prime statistical product of the Directorate. Data collected from all departments and agencies is compiled in this publication.

  • Island-wise Statistics : Data on selected parameters is collected Island-wise and compiled in form of Island-wise Statistical out line.

  • District Statistics : The district wise data is collected from all the departments and compiled in form of a District Statistical Hand Book for each district. From 2011 the        three booklets are combined into one publication.

  • At a Glance : A&N Island at a glance(bilingual) is brought out regularly incorporating major data of all sectors to give an “at a glance” overview as on 31st December.

  • Land Use Statistics(LUS) : Agriculture Statistics commonly known as Land Use Statistics is collected from the tehsils in prescribed formats of Ministry of Agriculture        through revenue authorities of Tehsils for onward submission to Ministry.

  • Transport Statistics : All three Shipping, Road transport and Air transport are included in this. In the present times need of data on infrastructure is felt. Therefore, the        scope of this statistics is being widened to incorporate data from other sectors such as power, communication etc and will be developed as Infrastructure Statistics.

  • Meteorological Statistics : Data on weather is collected monthly from Indian Meteorological Department and compiled in the directorate and published on website        monthly.

  • State Domestic Product : Estimation of State Domestic Product is done after collecting data from various departments.

  •       Census of Govt. Employees, Market prices, farm harvest prices, Agriculture yield, Prices of Building materials, Disaster statistics, Economic Survey are some of Statistics        which are collected
          Besides above the directorate is also engaged in Surveys as and when Government directs.
          New Initiatives:
  • Price Statistics : Directorate collects market prices of a set of food and non-food items and first time a new publication was brought out in 2011. Earlier version was a        part to celebrate the theme of statistics day in 2009.

  • Village-wise Database : To develop a village-wise database for UT, a format was designed and given to RD department for data collection through Panchayat Secretaries.        This can be used by all the departments, LSGs for governance, planning etc. and probable use in GIS mapping.

  •       Central sector Schemes
  • Agriculture Census : A Nationwide Census, the Ninth Agriculture census was launched during 2010-11. Data is provided by the Tehsil revenue authority through Land        Records. Later survey is also done through Input Survey by DES.

  • Economic Census : Economic Census a countrywide survey. Under the census all the enterprises are listed through Household survey for organized and unorganized        sectors. Sixth Economic Census is being launched in October 2013.

  • Centrally Sponsored Scheme :
  • BSLLD : Basic statistics for local level development: This scheme was launched on Pilot basis in South Andaman district by Ministry of Statistics. Village-wise data is        captured through schedules by the Panchayat Secretaries under supervision of BDOs. Compilation and data entry is done at DES. Now this scheme will also cover urban        areas.